LightCatcher Imagery provides unique photographic storytelling services to architecture firms, interior designers, education and youth advocacy organizations. My work blends two passions – visual art and helping my clients solve problems and embrace new opportunities.

Creative Collaboration

Photography holds power to promote an organization's brand, vision and experience. My mantra is: Right image, right message, right audience. My motivation is creating custom imagery that elevates my clients' messaging goals. I believe this is best achieved through a collaborative process – well ahead of the first photo being shot. Fostering a thriving creative partnership with my clients lays the foundation for success. 

My formula is simple.

Effective Consultation – Listening well is the cornerstone of the LightCatcher Imagery process.   My focus is proactively discovering your vision, mission and passion, and understanding your target market, communication goals and the specific criteria for each image. 

Detailed Planning – Next is walking through the details, logistics and potential challenges before we take aim through the viewfinder.  With your input, I create a photographic plan that makes sure your storytelling stage is set for success.

Disciplined Execution – Working through each detail of the plan, I capture the photographic moments that we planned for and some that you may not have imagined.

My images are used in marketing, advertising, public relations, branding and other commercial communications and editorial applications.

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Andrew Storey

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At the initial planning stage, Andrew's guidance helped frame our vision into actionable goals, and with ease, he managed a complex project that involved several shoots, ultimately producing a final product that exceeded my organization's expectations.


Maggie Meyers, Director of Communications

WA State Charter School Association